Lime scooters, bikes and buses, oh my: which is best for your schedule?

Jenna Wiley

Although Georgia Southern may have a relatively small campus, the walk from the Nursing & Chemistry building to the Math & Physics building can seem like it is 10 miles long when you only have 15 minutes between classes. While some people will just power through the walk, there are plenty of ways to get around quickly on campus.


Let’s go ahead and get the most obvious out of the way: the university buses. The buses are often most students go-to choice for transportation on campus but can easily become overcrowded. 

GS offers three separate bus routes on campus. The Gold Route, the Blue Route and the newest addition, the Stadium Shuttle. The Stadium Shuttle and Gold Route both start at Paulson Stadium, except the Stadium Shuttle goes to make stops on Sweetheart Circle while the Gold Route goes to the RAC, two stops on Forest Drive and one final stop by the Russell Union and the University Bookstore. 

The Blue Route starts right outside Landrum Dining Hall and also makes stops along Forest Drive, Lanier Drive and by Kennedy Hall. The buses tend to be the busiest before 8 a.m. classes and around lunchtime, but the crowd starts to die down around 4 p.m. Plan accordingly if the buses are the best option for you. 


There are bike racks in front of essentially every building on campus, so riding a bike on campus is also very convenient. If you didn’t have the space in your car during move in, there is another way you can get your hands on a bike this semester. 

Campus Cycle is a green bike program, made to provide students with an inexpensive, reliable and environmentally friendly method of transportation around campus. The majority of the Campus Cycle bikes are recycled bikes−ones that have been abandoned on campus. These abandoned bikes are then turned over to Southern Adventures. Their bike technicians take the bike apart, sand them, paint them, put back together, replace components and tune them up so they are ready to go for the student body. 

For a fee of $30 students can rent a bike and U-lock and have regular maintenance if required until December 11th. You can find more information here.

Lime Scooters

If you can spare some extra cash this semester, riding a Lime Scooter is arguably the fastest and most fun way to get from class to class. 

Download the Lime Scooter app, and the GPS in your phone will tell you where the closest scooter is to you. If you can’t see it, an option to make the scooter ring is available. It costs $1.00 to unlock the scooter, and an additional 15¢ per minute you ride. 

While this is a very easily accessible option, there have been multiple reports of Lime- Scooter-related accidents, so safety first!


Generally, students should allow 15 minutes between classes to get from one side of campus to the other. But, on busy days and times, you might get stuck behind a slow walker or two. Walking around campus is the most popular option among students, simply because of time. Students would rather just walk than to wait for a bus or hunt for a Lime Scooter to ride. The most common walking path on campus is called the Pedestrian. It goes right down the center of campus and almost all classroom buildings can be accessed from this walkway. The Pedestrian begins at the Russell Union and ends at the Nursing & Chemistry building and the Education building.

Whichever transportation method you choose, avoid the geese in front of Lakeside at all costs.