Council on diversity and inclusion meet with President Marrero to insure inclusivity and safety on campus

Sarah Smith

STATESBORO — The President Student Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion had their first meeting on Sept. 16 with Georgia Southern President Kyle Marrero to discuss ways to become more diverse and inclusive.

The council consists of 12 to 24 chairs and presidents of diverse student organizations that will meet with Marrero every two weeks.

“It gives me a good reflection of where we are environmentally… what their greatest needs are,” Marrero said.

The purpose of these meetings is to work with these chairs and presidents to insure that agendas and actions are created to have an inclusive and safe environment on campus, according to Marrero.

At least one town hall will be held a semester where Marrero can hear concerns, needs, and issues from a student perspective, according to Marrero.

“This is our first sort of template year so we’ll see how it goes and see if this is a good organizational mix,” Marrero said. 

Diversity and inclusion within GS has been discussed many times this semester after the release of Three Campuses One Heartbeat, a study commissioned in the fall of 2018 from the Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership and Social Innovation that discusses GS’s current campus climate.

Sarah Smith, The George-Anne News Editor,