Georgia Southern’s water polo club ready to make a splash

Davis Cobb

STATESBORO —Georgia Southern’s Water Polo Club had its first tournament governed by the Collegiate Water Polo Association this weekend, and is in its first season in the association’s southeast division.

The club has been on campus since 2015, but only received status as a club sport over the summer. Though their main competition season only lasts until early November, the club still holds games and tournaments with other universities like Auburn and Florida State throughout spring.

The Water Polo Club is also getting heavily involved on campus, participating in SOAR, Eagle’s Night out and several club sports fairs. 

Recently they’ve added a new officer to their board, a recruiting officer, aimed at getting in touch with and reaching out to students. Though they’ve received more new members than anticipated this year, they’re always looking for new faces.

“Our main goal is to just reach out to as many students and even prospective students to let them know that we are here and we are playing water polo,” Club Officer Michael Diorio said. “We welcome anyone that is able to swim well to come join us and try it out.”

The club’s first tournament game this season was on Saturday at the University of Tennessee. Games can be streamed here for free. 

The club meets every Monday and Wednesday at 6 P.M. at the RAC indoor pool.

William Cobb, The George-Anne news-reporter,