If You Like ______, Try ______: Music Edition

If You Like ______, Try ______: Music Edition

Kat Lewallen

We all know the feeling. Your playlist is getting a little too repetitive and it’s time to find something new. However, finding an artist that compares to your favorites can be a little difficult. Let me tell you that few things are more satisfying than discovering a new band that you adore. Here are some of mine and Will’s suggestions to spice up your favorite track-list.

Kat’s picks:

If you like… Lorde, Ingrid Michaelson and Taylor Swift
Try out… Jenny Lewis. Although her style is a lot more subdued and relaxed, her songs will make you feel some type of way. She’s got a bit of country twang like Taylor Swift, brooding lyrics like Lorde and a soft voice like Ingrid Michaelson.

  • My picks: ‘Slippery Slopes’ ‘Just One of the Guys’ ‘The Voyager’

If you like… MKTO, Maroon 5 and One Direction
Try out… Walk the Moon. If sugary sweet pop/rock is your thing then you’re bound to like this indie version of a boy band. Lyrics about love, girls and having the night of your life accompany the fast beats of all four bands. Listen to one song by Walk the Moon and you’re guaranteed to be humming it for the rest of the day.

  • My picks: ‘Shut Up and Dance’ ‘Tightrope’ ‘Anna Sun’

Will’s Picks

If you like… Childish Gambino
Have you not turned off “Because the Internet” or “STN MTN/Kaui 2000” since they dropped? Are you rewatching “Community” just to get your Gambino fix? That’s all fine and good but there are other artists on a similar note to Gambino’s fluid seriously-joking style.

Try out… Chance the Rapper 

Two of Gambino’s most unique traits are a flair for the different in production and beat and wildly non-mainstream subject matter. If you’re looking for artists who aren’t going to sling tired bars on how murderous or violent they are combined with a nasty repertoire of new sounds, give Chance a go.

  • My pick: “Juice”

If you like… Kendrick Lamar
The good kid himself has revved up the hype train in anticipation for his followup to the now-legendary GKMC with the release of the single “i.” Lamar has shown time and time again that his sound, lyrics and style could not be paralleled or mirrored. However, there is an artist or two out there who hit the same sweet spot as the heir to the hip-hop throne.
Try out… Ab-Soul
Hailing from a different Los Angeles County borough, relatively new and critically-acclaimed artist Ab-Soul shares some of Kendrick’s most valuable traits. At this point he has only dropped two full studio albums as well as two mixtapes, making his sample size fairly small, just like KL. More importantly, and also just like KL, everything he’s released has been explosively well-received by critics. Ab-soul’s tracks are honest, non-egotistical, non-flamboyant sets of music. If you’re looking far and wide for more of that Kendrick feel, queue a couple Ab-Soul tracks and enjoy.

  • My pick: “Illuminate”

If you like…Pre-game hip-hop
Even those who don’t enjoy head-pounding beats and disgusting beat switches can enjoy some good ole’ hype hip-hop. There aren’t many genres around that can get a party (or a pre-party) going like hip-hop. Yes, you could just turn on Waka Flocka Flame and Wiz Khalifa and call it a day, but you’re better than that. Try these three guys to add a little more flavor to your house party.
Try out… Migos, Chief Keef, French Montana
If you’re expecting a smooth, introspective stroll down an artist’s memory lane you’ve come to the wrong neighborhood.  “Fight Night,” “Hate Bein’ Sober,” “Ain’t Worried about Nothin’.” These are tracks from hype experts Migos, Chief Keef and French Montana. No one claims the lyrics or beats to be incredibly complex or thought-provoking, but they undoubtedly know how to get the party started and keep it going.

  • My picks: “Fight Night”, “Hate Bein’ Sober”, “Ain’t Worried about Nothin’,”


Here’s a Spotify playlist of the recommendations for your listening pleasure.

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Will Price is a senior Multimedia Journalism major from Atlanta, Georgia. He enjoys bourbon, food, music, Kevin Spacey, beer, and food. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief at the George-Anne. He is good at some things and bad at more things. You can find him on Twitter, @NineOneWill.