If You Like _ _ _, Try _ _ _: TV Show Edition

Yasmeen Waliaga

New shows are added to Netflix almost daily. It may seem like you have nothing left to watch once you finish the last season of your favorite show, but there are many shows you may not even know of yet! One of the most popular genres of television series is suspense, whether it be in horror or drama. Here are some suspenseful shows that you may have already seen, and some shows that Netflix suggests you watch next.

If you like “Scandal”, try “House of Cards”

“Scandal” has drawn in many people because of its balance of both crime and drama. “Scandal” involves many political figures and how they deal with their mistakes. “House of Cards” is also a political thriller. The main characters are congressman Francis Underwood and his wife Claire, both conniving business people who will do anything to get on top in the world of politics.

If you like “American Horror Story”, try “Bates Motel”

“American Horror Story” is a series filled with evil, unexpected events. “Bates Motel”, a modern prequel to the classic movie “Psycho”, is equally shocking. “Bates Motel” wouldn’t fall into the horror genre, but it is most definitely thrilling. In the series, Norman Bates and his mother, who share a somewhat strange closeness, encounter unusual troubles and choose to face them in even more unusual ways.

If you like “Vampire Diaries”, try “Once Upon a Time”

“Vampire Diaries” focuses on two vampire brothers in a constant battle for the love of a girl named Elena. There are more than just vampires in the show, however. There are witches, hybrids, and werewolves. “Once Upon a Time” contains many fairy tale elements, but it presents them in a more realistic, modern way.
[quote]“It sounds weird because it is a fairytale show, but ‘Once Upon a Time’ is super addictive! I started it when I finished Vampire Diaries and now I cant stop watching,” Olivia Brown, a sophomore business major said.[/quote]

If you like “The Blacklist”, try “The Following”

In “The Blacklist”, a criminal turns himself into the FBI, providing insight on a list of fugitives that have yet to show upon their radar. The Following has equally as much crime and suspense. “The Following” focuses on a serial killer, captured by the FBI, who has a larger group of followers than expected. These followers will do anything to assist the serial killer in carrying out his plan.
Annsley Lomax, a Junior fashion merchandising major said, “It is so creepy, but I love it! Every week, I’m dying to watch it so I can find out what Joe Carroll [the serial killer] has planned next.”

All of these shows are filled with thrilling moments, making it hard to close your laptop and head to class. So, give these new shows a try, and watch responsibly.