8 Reasons Why You Should Join Reflector Magazine's Staff Right Now

Jeff Licciardello

Join the team that teaches you how to be an HBIC today.
It’s the beginning of the semester which means it’s time to get involved before classes bring you to tears. Still searching for the perfect organization? Look no further you glorious eagle, you. Here are eight reasons why you need to stop what you’re doing and join the staff of Georgia Southern’s student lifestyle magazine.

1. We make dope sh#t.

That’s our motto. It’s on the office whiteboard so it’s basically the real deal. We are an award winning publication (we’re talking national level) and we all strive to make something that we look back on with pride. The only thing we need now is you to help us grow even more!

2. Say it with me…resume builder.

No, this isn’t your average organization that you join the first day of freshman year and then realize that not every MyInvolvement activity can be on your resume. You will leave with so many clips and real experience that graduation won’t be so scary. Reflector Magazine basically injects your resume with some professionalism steroids that will make employers ooh and ahh for days to come. We know from experience.

3. We have something for everyone.

Want to write? Check. Maybe you’re looking to sell ads and work with clients? We got it. Looking to figure out how social media works in a professional setting? We hope you’re seeing a trend here. We do it all at Reflector Magazine from art creation to event management. If you want some legit experience for your portfolio we probably have it for you. Better yet, if we aren’t doing what you’re looking for you can probably start something up.

4. Raise your voice.

And no, we’re not talking about the ~beautiful~ Hilary Duff movie that we all (should) know and love. This is your chance to make an impact on the GSU campus. We give students a voice every day to speak what is on their mind, but that doesn’t mean you’re mute as well. You have the opportunity to spark some conversations and make everybody…reflect…

5. Money talks.

While we’re not saying you could go off and buy a new Maserati with it, those who move up in the organization get paid for their dedication. It really comes in handy for that wild weekend in Savannah or an iced coffee in the 1,000 degree Statesboro weather.

6. We’re just like you.

We’re students. While we may all think we’re Meryl Streep already taking over the world we are still growing. In reality, we’re all a bunch of “Ugly Betty’s” slowly changing into beautiful America Ferrera’s and that’s what college is all about.

7. We have a good time.

With us you will meet some of the most interesting personalities on campus— and in the Reflector newsroom some of these personalities that will soon become your best friends. Student Media as a whole is a tight knit group and we would love nothing more than for you to be a part of it. Seriously, half of our days are spent watching random GIFs and the other half are spent gossiping about awards shows in the Starbucks line. Who doesn’t love that?

8. You have nothing to lose.

Seriously though you have nothing to lose. You won’t know whether or not you want to join until you hop on the train. That’s the great thing about being in college, we all have the freedom to try new things with very little consequences. Give us a try. You might fall in love with us as we have already fallen in love with you.

So let’s go. Fill out this form and let’s be groundbreaking together. Better yet, email us!

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