My Ode to Coffee

Cheryl Nuzum

Oh, coffee. My best friend. My partner in crime. My constant go-to. Whether you’re my first kiss in the morning or my last conversation at night. We can cuddle up together in the mornings or settle down together in the afternoons.
You’re never too busy to make time for me. You always find your way into my schedule. I can always count on you for a pep talk in the middle of day. You pick me up with I’m down. Sometimes I get a little selfish with our company but you never hold it against me. You provide for my every want or need. Some days I just can’t get enough of you.
You never get jealous when I’m with someone else. You cheer me on when I need it most. You’re my supporter at meetings and you always back me up at interviews.
Whether we’re hanging out at my place or I catch you out on the go, there’s never a moment when your smile doesn’t light up my day. Dressed up to the nines or down to basics, you’re a sight for sore eyes either way. Your colorful friends are always there to join the party. If I ever shamefully admit to the slightest hint of boredom, you never hold it against me. You simply find a way to keep things interesting. A new look, a different perfume. You keep me on my toes.
You’ve never let me down, not even for a moment. There are days I may stray but you are always there to welcome me back with open arms. So thank you, coffee, for everything you’ve done. Here’s to you.