The Q&D: September 1, 2016

Cheryl Nuzum

The MTV Video Music Awards aired Sunday night and while there was considerably less kissing and twerking than before, it had its fair share of excitement. Beyonce slayed (obviously), Kanye West took the mic (although that was actually planned this time), Britney reappeared (YAS)  and fans rejoiced in the majesty that is Drake and RiRi (finally). You can catch up on everything you missed here

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Rapper Repeat
Rapper Young Dro was arrested Sunday night on campus after performing at the Statesboro Summer Jam at the PAC. He was charged with possession of marijuana under an ounce, possession of firearm by a convicted felon and carrying a weapon in a school safety zone. You can catch the full story here but to be honest, it kinda feels like we’ve heard this story before. Bit of a deja vu moment for Southern, huh?
The Death of Two Great Men
It was a sad Sunday here in the ‘Boro when former sports announcer, Nate Hirsch, passed away over the weekend The original ‘Voice of the Georgia Southern Eagles’ spent the majority of his career here at Southern, before being inducted into the Georgia Southern Athletics Hall of Fame, Georgia Southern Baseball Hall of Fame and Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

The following day, the world became a little less sweet when the candyman himself, Gene Wilder (aka Willy Wonka), died Monday morning following complications with Alzheimer’s disease. The actor and comedian is said to have been holding hands with his wife and listening to his favorite music at this time of death. He was 83.
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Let’s all have a moment of silence.
Eagle Kickoff
This Saturday kicks off our football season in our first home game of the year. Playing Savannah State, this weekend is going to be our first real opportunity for new coach Tyson Summers to show us what he’s got. Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s also Labor Day weekend –  but what better way to spend the start to a long weekend than game day in the Boro? (Especially since it’s one of the few we have this season). Grab a cooler, some face paint and check out what’s to come this Saturday. #PackPaulson
September: Self-Improvement Month
If you’ve ever needed the mid-year motivation (cause we all those New Year resolutions never last) to finally get your ass in gear, here it is. September is National Self-Improvement Month. So even if those 2017 goals, summer goals or fall semester goals didn’t work out, there’s still a chance. Just think of it as a late start. An extra late start.

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