7 Things To Do Before The #Hamildoc Premiere

Rashida Otunba

The expectation has been killing you ever since it was announced and you’ve scrolled miles with your thumb on Twitter because you’ve searched #Hamildoc religiously for weeks searching for new trailers. Much like Aaron Burr, you’ve been made to wait for it for what feels like a lifetime, but Fret not, the light at the end of the tunnel of this post-midterm hell hole is here. 

 Tonight is the night “Hamilton’s America” premieres on PBS, and in celebration of this auspicious event, we here at The Reflector have prepared a refresher course in all things Hamilton for you to get up to speed.

Stay Alive Awake

Although any self-respecting Hamilton fan cleared out their calendar for this auspicious night months ago, we don’t blame you for wanting to call it quits after class gets out. If you are like most people, though, the likelihood of you seeing this show before your first born graduates high school are slim to none, so this documentary is the closest you will ever get to seeing the cast perform your fave songs live.

Listen to the Soundtrack Over Again

You should already know the lyrics by heart, but if you don’t, now is your last chance to brush up, lest you look like a poser when you don’t get all the inside jokes that will be going around on Twitter.  For time’s sake, you can just listen to part one.

Charge Your Phone

You need to be ready to write  tweet like you’re running out of time during the show, a dead battery won’t do.

Watch The #TBT From The Night That Started It All

May 12, 2009 is the night that is burned in the memory of every Hamilton fan because for many of us it was the first time we heard the musical stylings of A.Ham (sans company). Rewatch to re-experience the glory.

Print Song Lyrics

Truth be told, I’m honestly not sure how many full length songs will appear  in this documentary, but a true fan is always prepared.

Light Candles

It will set the 1700s mood, plus we know you have some left from Hurricane Matthew that you will never use again.

Get pumped.

Prepare to scream “We won!” emphatically at the end of the documentary.