Statesboro's Newest Live Music Venue: The Blue Room


Alexi Simpson

The Blue Room in Statesboro, GA, officially opened its doors on August 16. The Blue Room is a live music venue that hosts live concerts and has a live DJ.
William Bridwell, the entertainment director at the Blue Room, said, “I’ve tried my best to build a music scene in Statesboro. We’re all about giving back to the community in some way, shape or form. I had a vision for this place, and we’ve all come together as a collective to just try and make this as special as it can be.”
Bridwell started Air Bound Entertainment, another entertainment spot in Statesboro, in 2013.
Parker Newhart, the general manager of the Blue Room and a recent Georgia Southern graduate, said that he “wants to give people something to be excited about … We want them to really enjoy life and enjoy their time on the weekends.”
The Blue Room is located on 1830 Chandler Rd. and opens at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.