Dating Apps: Opening Line Do’s and Don’ts

Noelle Walker

The swiping is the easy part. Things become complicated when you both match. It can be hard to think of a good opening line—especially when so many messages don’t get responded to. However, I’ve created a guide of Opening Line Do’s and Don’ts, so you know how to get someone’s attention in the right way.

Do say something to make them laugh.

I don’t think there’s been a single time a funny opening line didn’t get a response. Trust me. Humor is the way to go.

Don’t say anything inappropriate

Honestly, this shouldn’t have to be said, but it needs to be. Speaking from personal experience, i can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve gotten a message only for me to end up the embodiment of this gif:

Side Note: Don’t say it in the middle of a regular conversation either

Do play off their bio

They like to work out? Mention how you’re a track-star. They like to read? Tell them your favorite book. They don’t have a bio at all? Tell them they must be a man/woman of few words. There are so many possibilities.

Need tips for your bio? Click here.

Don’t just say “Hey”

Okay, “hey” might be your safety net, but spicing it up a little will increase your chances of a response. If you’re dead-set on your “hey,” try to add on a “beautiful” or “handsome.”   

Don’t not message

If you wait for the other person to message first and they wait for you to message first, there won’t be any conversation at all. Take a risk. Message first.


These rules are short and simple, but they’re sure to do the trick.


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