Georgia Southern Athletics seeks interest for student section leaders at first SGA meeting

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  • Georgia Southern Athletics seeks to find representation in student sections in the upcoming sport seasons. 

Anthony Belinfante

STATESBORO The first Georgia Southern University Student Government Association meeting of the year was highlighted by a proposal for a student section revival across all sports.

Representing GS Athletics, Devin McGillan went to SGA in search of possible student section leaders to help grow the student experience. 

SGA was McGillan’s first stop as the department searches for options to promote the idea.

McGillan, who promotes volleyball and tennis among other sports, is in search of a leadership board of six to nine people for the student section.

“I’m trying to identify some leaders amongst our campus here at Georgia Southern to try and have them be our direct contact with us at the athletics department,” McGillan said. “So they would represent our student body, make up our student section, and work with us on a pretty regular basis to see what the students want from athletics and what we can do to help that.”

Leaders would make decisions for the section, along with making a decision on music, planning giveaways and theme nights.

With the new student section, the athletic department is hoping to build representation across campus.

“Athletics is a huge part of college for a lot of people,” McGillan said.

McGillan is hopeful that at least 50 to 100 people will make up the student section once it starts, with room to grow.

SGA believes that word of mouth, along with social media engagement, will benefit the athletic department as they search for student section leaders.

“Once we get invested 100% that will make us energized enough to tell our friends who’s going to tell our friends,” Juwan Smith, SGA President, said.

Anthony Belinfante, The George-Anne News Reporter,