Top 10 songs for your Valentine's playlist

Jessica Paul

From Tom Walker to Justin Timberlake, Martin Garrix to Elvis, here are the top 10 songs that’ll get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. Talk about a real love package!

Number 1: “No Place” by The Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys are back! This major band from the 90s is in the business once again and making songs that’ll get you floating with Cupid.

Best Lines: I’ve been all around the world done all there is to do / you’ll always be the one I wanna come home to / you’re a wildlife with a hell of a view / there ain’t no place like you

Number 2: “All For You” by Joeboy

All the way from Nigeria, Joeboy has our hearts set for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Get your speakers up with your partner and friends and dance to this Valentine’s Day jam.

Best Lines: I can be that somebody / if you need this somebody / baby you can call on me / I can be your company / I’m all for you.

Number 3:”Love Riddim” by Rotimi

It’s all in the name. This power actor we all love also has some lyrics up his sleeve.

Best Lines: He treat you wrong / wish I could show you love / wish I could make you know / whispering love ain’t nobody gotta hear.

Number 4: “Hello My Love” by Westlife

The lyrics of this song say it all to your partner.

Best Lines: But when you’re mad you’re beautiful / so lucky that we fell in love / this is all I’ll ever need, you and I

Number 5: “Come Thru” by Summer Walker and Usher

The combination, duhhhhhhh.

Best Lines: This ain’t what i’m really used to / You make me wanna come thru / I’ll drop all my n****s for you.

Number 6: “Just You and I” by Tom Walker

This is a song that talks about how, even in bad times, once you have someone you love by your side, it’s surmountable. Plus, it’s set to a good beat.

Best Lines: My darling you and I take over the world one step at a time just you and I

Number 7: “Ocean” by Martin Garrix (feat Khalid)

Khalid could sing an instruction manual, and it would still sound better than most love songs. 

Best Lines: if we’re caught in a wave I’ll carry you over/ you can keep an ocean between our love it won’t keep us apart.

Number 8: “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake

Let’s throwback to this love song by our one and only Justin Timberlake, lover of all lovers.

Best Lines: Cause it’s like you’re my mirror, my mirror staring back at me / cause I don’t wanna lose you now I’m looking right at the other half of me.

Number 9: “My Love” by Wale (feat Major Lazer, Wizkid and Dua Lipa)

Enjoy this sweet love anthem with your loved ones. The perfect Valentine’s Day party jam.

Best Lines: if i ride for you, ain’t nobody in my life like you, ain’t nobody gonna shine like you show me my love

Number 10: “Can’t Help Falling in Love With Youby Elvis Presley

Just because the list won’t be complete without this. Show your partner how much you love them with this romantic song from our dear Elvis. Thank you, thank you very much.