The Blue Room plans to host big names at outdoor concert venue

Sarah Smith

STATESBORO — The City of Statesboro approved The Blue Room, a popular bar in town, to host outdoor parking lot concerts last Tuesday.

The concert area will be located to the side of the porch towards the back three-fourths of the parking lot. 

The venue will be blocked off from the front area of the parking lot with u-line fencing or barricades, depending on the size of the concert.

Robert Seamans from the Public Works Department commented that the sidewalk should be kept clear and available for pedestrian traffic, according to the online City Council Meeting and Public Hearing Agenda.

Also on the online agenda, Mike Broadhead of the Statesboro Police Department commented that The Blue Room needed to get a permit for amplified music through the PD.

The bar is well known for its intimate inside concerts, however the owners wanted to bring bigger names to the city.

“By going outside, it allows us to bring larger artists to Statesboro,” Kaleo Lyles, partner of The Blue Room said.

According to the Statesboro Fire Department, the building has a max capacity of 680 people, while this outside venue can hold up to 2,280 people. This capacity includes all staff and band members.

The outside venue also allows the bar to welcome those that are underage to their concerts, according to Llyes.

Riley Green, a country music artist, will headline the first outdoor parking lot concert at The Blue Room on Sept. 5.

Sarah Smith, The George-Anne News Editor,