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Lindsay Futch

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February is the month of love for some, but also a month for recognizing the history of African Americans. In the library, there is a display that celebrates Black History.

From 1619, when the first slaves arrived to Jameson, Virginia, to 2012, when Gabrielle Douglas became the first African American woman to win all around Olympic gold medalist for gymnastics, black history has come a long way.

The events that took place throughout our history have been hard and diminishing against African Americans, but now we live in a time where there is greater equality for everyone. This display holds books and pictures from notable African Americans throughout history as well as Georgia Southern faculty and students that have been successful throughout their life. Check out the display on the 1st floor of the library now until the end of February.

Students have enjoyed viewing this booth because it shows how far we have come. Here’s what they have to say about it:

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“My favorite quote from Denzel Washington is, ‘Do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do.’ It teaches me to have a good work ethic. In the long run it’ll pay off for you. That’s the quote I always use to help me in life,” Tariq Abduf, junior journalism major, said.

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“I really like the set up. Its interesting to come down here to see our history. We forget the things we’ve been taught. It’s a refresher to see how far we’ve come. There’s always room for progress and it’s a confidence booster to see the progress we have made on society.” Corey Hicks, sophomore sports management major, said.

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