Additional site synchronous classrooms to be added on Georgia Southern campuses

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  • The Interdisciplinary Academic Building on Georgia Southern’s Statesboro campus is one of the buildings that will hold some of the site-synchrononus classrooms. 

McClain Baxley

Georgia Southern University introduced site synchronous classrooms across its three campuses this spring and 12 more classrooms are set to be featured with this technology for fall 2019 semester.

These classrooms are equipped with state of the srt technology that allows in-person classes taking place on one campus to be broadcast to another campus, both visually and audibly.

The installation of these 12 classrooms will take place this summer and should be ready to use for fall classes.

“It was very positive (response),” GS Provost Carl Reiber said. “We had some engineering classes and some English 1101 classes, the absolute overwhelming response was very positive. Its a pilot so we’re looking for feedback from the students.”

Room size, capacity and the age of audio/video equipment were factored into which rooms and buildings qualified to host these types of classes.

Five of these classrooms are planned to be on the Statesboro campus, in the Hollis, IAB, Newton and Nursing/Chemistry buildings, five classrooms will be on the Armstrong campus and two on the Liberty campus.  

“You have the faculty member on one campus and a facilitator on the other campus, so that if a student is frantically there waving their hand to get an answer, the facilitator can get the attention of the instructor,” Reiber said. “We’re working on it now with our registrars now so that students will know on WINGS if that class is simulcast or not.”

McClain Baxley, The George-Anne Editor-In-Chief,