Spring commencement surveys to determine future graduation events

McClain Baxley

Georgia Southern University will conduct surveys during its spring 2019 commencement ceremonies to get the attendees’ thoughts on the changes.

Results from the surveys will be used to plan and better future graduation plans, GS President Kyle Marrero said Friday.

The university announced in January that there would be a university-wide ceremony as well as college-specific ceremonies.  

“We’re developing a survey right now that will be real-time with QR codes for everybody that will be there,” Marrero said. “At every college ceremony and at the large ceremony, to then be able to survey and see what their experience is. I want to know.”

Marrero explained that the QR codes will be posted all over the ceremonies and that the speaker will suggest the audience to fill out the survey.

Once again, Marrero stressed the importance of assessing the results to better the process.

“We want to quantify that and then we’ll bring the task force committee together, assess that as far as logistics, volunteers, facilities workers, university police and everyone that put all of this together,” Marrero said. “We’re going to fully assess and then come back with recommendations to me based on that full assessment, making sure the students’ voice is in there too and we will make decisions on how graduation will be in fall and spring 19 and 20.”

The George-Anne will report on these survey results as soon as they are made available.

McClain Baxley, The George-Anne Daily Managing Editor, gaeditor@georgiasouthern.edu