Renovations coming to Georgia Southern golf course

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Tyler Miller

The Georgia Southern golf course is getting renovations. The project was proposed by the course’s superintendent, Patrick Reinhardt. His grant proposal for renovations was for $5,000.

The golf course opened in October 2013 and is a championship course with 18 holes. The golf course ended up being constructed to expand recreational opportunities for the GS student body that is growing through funds from fees for student recreation.

The construction of the course currently includes a renovation of the clubhouse that is 8,000 square feet, an addition of maintenance that is 10,000 square feet and a golf cart storage facility, and a complete practice facility.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the golf experience at Georgia Southern Golf Course,” Reinhardt said. “The grant allows us to provide an aesthetic appeal, while increasing our biodiversity with plants that are native to our area.”

Reinhardt also talked about what he was planning to do with the grant money.

“The grant funds are being used to purchase landscaping plants that are being used around the golf course,” Reinhardt said. “All of the plants are native to Georgia, and encompass approximately 450 plants from 15 different species.”

Reinhardt plans to begin the renovations soon.

Tyler Miller, The George-Anne Candidate,