Georgia Southern announces 54 positive COVID-19 cases during fifth week

Report marks three weeks of continued decline

Andy Cole, Editor-in-Chief

STATESBORO — Georgia Southern officials announced Monday 54 positive COVID-19 cases on campus marking the third straight week of decline.

“The report below shows a third consecutive week of considerable decline in confirmed and self-reported cases after completion of the fifth full week of classes on our campuses,” said a disclaimer on GS’ reporting website. “We especially applaud our students who have stepped up to support these efforts and encourage responsibility within their social networks.”

Click to enlarge (Credit: Georgia Southern)

Like all of the reports so far, a majority of the cases come from students on the Statesboro campus.

Nine cases come from employees, seven from the Armstrong campus and, again, none from the Liberty campus.

COVID-19 Analysis 

  • Total COVID-19 positive cases since returning: 1,091
  • Total positive cases (fifth week): 54
  • University confirmed: 13
  • Self reported: 41
  • Students: 43
  • Employees: nine
  • Statesboro campus: 47
  • Armstrong campus: seven
  • Liberty campus: none