Counseling Center works on self-care for students

Davis Cobb, Student Life Correspondent

STATESBORO — In a collaborative effort with the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Georgia Southern University’s Counseling Center has begun hosting a series of virtual workshops focusing on various topics related to self-care.

The “Care for Yourself” workshop series is scheduled to meet once a month, and details virtual conversations on topics such as stress management, coping, and destigmatizing mental health and mental wellness.

The series topics were decided upon by a survey sent out to students asking them what they wanted to discuss. The top 4 choices were collected into this series.

“Students really need a space to safely discuss these things and to maybe just hear from the counseling center, hear from a professional, somebody who can hopefully help with some of the skills needed to deal with some of these situations,” said Tatiana Smith, Armstrong campus case manager and an organizer of the workshop series.

“I think a lot of people think about self-care and think of ‘spa day’ or whatever, but it really could be coping, maintaining your peace–or having healthy coping skills–and just knowing what to do during really hard times, what you need, and how to pay attention to that, and I think that’s why we wanted to do it,” said Smith.

Due to the very interactive nature of the workshops and the potential of the attendees discussing personal topics, the workshops will not be recorded, meaning those interested will be required to attend at the scheduled time.

Smith also expressed a desire to hold more workshop series like this in the future, but stated it would depend on student attendance and interest.

The workshop series will continue until December 8, and will be held on the second Tuesday of every month–with the exception of November, in which it will be held on the third Tuesday–at 3 p.m. Every meeting is open to all students, and those interested to attend may join here at the scheduled date and time. For more questions about the series, please contact Smith at’s Counseling Center Works on Self-Care for Students