Game of Thrones recap, Season Eight Episode One

McClain Baxley

Winter is here and every week throughout the final season of the HBO classic, The George-Anne will provide a quick recap and reaction piece for fans and those who missed it. Spoilers are in these articles. Enjoy!

It’s back. The show that has social media and the world buzzing had its’ penultimate season premiere Sunday and it had a little bit of everything.

Three big things:

Samwell Tarly drives the plot

Old faithful Tarly was a part of two major plotlines in the season premiere. The first took place in the library, of course. Daenerys Targaryen comes in to the library to talk to and see Jon Snow’s best friend.

Samwell was reading and looked up to ask for a pardon from Daenerys. It’s here that the queen learns that Samwell’s father is Randyll Tarly and his brother is Dickon Tarly. She then informs him that the two men were executed for not bending the knee. Samwell is forced to leave the room, fighting back tears.

In the following scene, Jon Snow is in the catacombs, lamenting his father. Then Samwell comes out of nowhere and startles Snow. He then drops the information he’s been holding the whole offseason, that Jon Snow is the son of Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark and rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

The romantic dragon ride

Midway through the episode, Jon Snow and Daenerys go on a dragon ride. It’s the first time Jon has ridden a dragon and when he first got on, he said he’ll never ride a horse the same. The ride itself was long and it was cool. It may be the last chance viewers see a heartfelt love scene between the two lovers.

The two stopped riding and were dropped off on a hill where Targaryen makes a comment about being cold, so Jon kisses her to “keep her warm.” One of the dragons provides comedic relief in a rather light episode by smiling and giving Jon a hard time for kissing Daenerys.

Screaming fire kid

In The Last Hearth, Beric and Tormund go looking for The Night King and run into each other. They hear a noise and go searching to find something. The men find “the Umber boy” hanging on the wall with an odd symbol that they suspect is a warning from The Night King.

The room is dark and quiet and then all of a sudden the kid screams and tries to attack the men. Without panicking, the men throw their flaming sword at the child, killing him and ridding the audience of the sudden terror that was present.

Three quotes:

Sansa: [snarkily] “What exactly do dragons eat?”

Daenerys: “Whatever they want.”


Cersei: [to Euron] “You want a whore, buy her. You want a queen, earn her.”


Jon: [about Daenerys] “She is not her father.”

Sansa: “No, she’s much prettier.”


The cliffhanger:

After Jon Snow is told his true identity, it cuts to a hooded man riding a horse into Winterfell. The man takes his hood off to reveal a dirty Jaime Lannister. Jaime turns around and sees Bran Stark in his wheelchair, where he’s been since the second episode of the series. Bran’s face is blank, but there’s a sudden sense of fear in Jaime.