Who are some Georgia Southern students voting for?

Eden Hodges, Election 2020 Correspondent

The George-Anne asked students which presidential candidate has their vote in next week’s election and why. 

Jake Maine –  Biden – “I don’t really care for either of our options or even the two-party system in general, but I feel like his ideas align more with my own. As a future educator I like his education policies because they advocate for less-strict testing policies and really seek to help teachers and I like his eco-friendly policies that seek to not kill the planet.”

Daniel Barrs – Trump – “A lot of the things he does could be defined as racist, but I don’t really find anything he says as racist… If Joe Biden gets elected then he won’t be the president. It’ll be people controlling him like Kamala Harris or Nancy Pelosi and I don’t support their views. I support Donald Trump from an economic standpoint. When he got elected I actually got a raise.”

Ashanti Robinson – Biden – “It’s not really about politics at this point. It’s a basic human rights issue. With all the things Trump has done and he’s racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, sexist and all that. Biden talks in the debates that it’s not an issue of right or left, but it’s about us all coming together and I think that’s what his goal is so I think he’s really going to unite people and Trump has really managed to divide us over the last four years.”

Mya Bailey – Biden – “I like that he is pro-choice and not pro-life. Either is fine with me but I’m pro-choice just because I believe that the decision on an unborn fetus should be between the two people that decide to lay down and create it – not the government trying to control women’s bodies when there’s no other law that does anything like that.”

Elias Legere – Biden – “I’m an economics major and watching Trump parade around about stock market stuff while there are people facing eviction it’s really insulting to see because things aren’t recovered like a lot of people are still unemployed and if they aren’t they’re not getting enough work… 80% of stocks are owned by rich people so most people don’t feel actual gains when the stock market goes up. And the unemployment expansion that ran out in July didn’t get renewed and Trump said he’s not negotiating any more so why should I be prioritizing Trump for the economy when he’s only prioritizing rich people?”

Brady Langworthy – Trump –  “I like where the country has gone in the last four years – obviously COVID put a wrench in that, but overall I think we’re headed down the right track. Unemployment was down. I’m big into finance, big in the stock market, stocks were doing fantastic at the time.”