Mayor McCollar to open event venue in Statesboro

Emma Smith

Statesboro Mayor Jonathan McCollar will be opening a small-event venue called Peachtree on Main at 39-A West Main Street.

The venue will be used for wedding receptions, birthday parties and other such events, McCollar said.

McCollar is currently in the process of applying for an alcohol license for the venue, but will not have one by the time the business opens.

“[Peachtree on Main] is not a bar or anything along those lines, it’s just a venue where if a bride wanted to have her reception there or an organization wanted to have a small banquet this would be a great venue for that,” McCollar said.

McCollar said he hopes the venue will attract more people to downtown Statesboro since he believes it has evolved from just being a place for business and legal matters.

“Now people go downtown for great shows and great food and things of that nature,” McCollar said. “So if we’re going to be able to compete with community across the board, the city of Statesboro has to really look at redefining our downtown so it becomes a place that people want to frequent.”

McCollar said he aims to open Peachtree on Main on April 26, but an exact date has not been confirmed.

Emma Smith, The George-Anne News Editor,