We asked, you responded: Thoughts on the election


Davis Cobb, Correspondent

With the 2020 election wrapping up, albeit slowly, the results seem to speak in favor of Joe Biden’s victory, though at this time there are still many opinions circulating. The George-Anne reached out to students, staff, and faculty to obtain their views on the election results, and their thoughts of the future to come.

Some were relieved or happy to hear Biden had been unofficially declared the victor, thankful to see Trump removed or that Biden was being elected.

“Thank. God.” Student A responded. “Joe might not be great, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.”

“Democracy always reigns supreme. We voted, and removed a threatening force.” Staff member A said.

“I believe the people spoke, and they spoke loud and clear. We as a nation are exhausted after four years of Trump, and we are ready to be unified and represented by a kind and admirable leader.” Said Student B.

Others were less than enthused with the results, most claiming fraudulent voting practices and voicing their grievances over Trump’s loss.

“I hate how the Democrats had to rig this whole thing;” Student C said. “There was too much fraud.”

“I never thought I’d see a major political party sink so low as to ‘steal’ a presidential election! I guess some people’s ‘hatred’ of Donald Trump outweighed simple common sense. This is a sad day for our country!” Said staff member B.

“[The] Democrats only won because of the voting fraud, and not all of the states were done counting votes. Also, voting by mail should not be a thing.” Student E said.

“I’m not a fan, but this is how our government functions. Like I’ve said to my fellow Republicans, ‘he [Biden] won today, there will always be another election, but we need to be civil and stop stooping so low.’” Reported Student F. “And to my Democrat friends, ‘I respect your political opinions, they are different than mine, I’m down to debate, I don’t want to lose our friendship though, over politics, but stop being so petty and rubbing the election results in my face. I see the result and I’m showing respect; I thought you would, too.’”

A few people instead commented on those involved with the results, such as the organizers and the candidates themselves.

“I am proud and thankful fo black woman organizers who helped hundreds of thousands of new voters register in Georgia, overcoming years of voter suppression.” Said Student G. “I am grateful to the poll workers, the judges who defended the democratic process from baseless voter fraud suits, and the young people like myself who broke records turning out to vote and made up 21% of the total Georgia vote.”

“I think the current president of the United States needs to set a better example for his supporters and for his opposers. He’s spewing hate and falsehoods, and the country is starting to feel much more like the Divided States of Embarrassment because of him. Grow up, accept defeat, work toward a better America while you can, and tell your supporters to do the same.” Stated Student H.

The future was a topic many focused on; some were optimistic, but others were wary of what this change could mean for the country.

“I hope to see a more unified America than what has been going on, as much as I doubt it.” Student I said. “I wish nothing but prosperity for Biden in office, even if I supported Trump more so than Biden.”

“I have doubts, and I feel like the credibility of future elections is at stake.” Claimed Student J.

“The US has been tolerant of too many injustices in itself for far too long, and with Trump out of office, hopefully we can start to move forwards towards change and improvement so that no one has to vote like their rights–and their life–depends on it.” Stated Student K.

The official results of the 2020 election are still in process, but a clear verdict will certainly be announced soon. While some students, staff, and faculty of Georgia Southern are less than pleased with the unofficial results, many look to the future with hope and optimism in the change of office.