Georgia Southern welcomes Kyle Marrero on his first day as president

Kyle Clark

Georgia Southern University started April by welcoming its new president Kyle Marrero.

Marrero arrived at GS with his family at 8:30 a.m Monday at the Marvin Pittman Administration Building.

The new president was greeted by a group of faculty and students who waited in the brisk 47-degree weather for him to arrive.

“I think he’s going to be a wonderful leader for Georgia Southern and he has a lot of good ideas and experience to help the university moving forward and help us achieve our strategic goals,” Ken Gassiot, associate vice president for student engagement, said.

Madison Damiani, junior public relations major, also shared her excitement for the new president.

“I’m excited for Dr. Marrero to come in,” Damiani said. “He’s just very student oriented and very excited to be here. And I know that we’re going to have a president who cares about the students and their well being.”

The Marrero family were cheered as they parked in front of Marvin Pittman for the first time and exited their car.

“Thank you all so much, we’re excited to be a part of the Eagle Nation, can’t wait to start the day and every day moving forward,” Marrero said.

Watch Marrero and his family’s arrival here

Kyle Clark, The George-Anne Assistant News Editor,