The CDC’s guidelines for Thanksgiving break


Davis Cobb, Correspondent

With Thanksgiving Break fast approaching and reports from that COVID is only worsening, it’s important for everyone–whether they’re staying on campus or going home to visit family–to remain safe properly. In line with this, the CDC has provided a list of guidelines for people to remember alongside normal regulations during the break.

Those hoping to hold a gathering among friends and family are still asked to remain in line with social distancing regulations, and are also recommended to be aware of the infection rates before holding any events and consider if it is safe to do so. Attendees should be limited in number as much as possible to allow people to maintain social distancing, and outdoor gatherings are encouraged over indoor ones. Masks are still recommended at all times, except when eating or drinking.

Students returning home for the break should be aware of the risk of potentially bringing the virus home with them; to accommodate this, it is recommended they wear masks while at home.

All guests should also maintain cleanliness; handwashing or use of hand sanitizer is greatly recommended, and hosts should try to provide their guests with information on the virus and any necessary supplies to help everyone remain healthy. The CDC also suggests advising your guests to avoid interaction with people outside their households for at least two weeks before their visit. Pets should also be kept from outside interaction

Food and drink are not considered to be common methods of spreading the vaccine, but food safety practices are recommended. Guests should be asked to bring their own food and drink, and only enough for themselves and members of their own household; potlucks should be avoided. Masks should be kept in a clean and dry area during eating, and it is recommended only one person serve any food.

Guests staying multiple nights should launder their clothing and mask and place their luggage away from public areas. They are suggested to avoid shouting or singing, and recommended to wear masks at all times while in the house.

If you or another is exposed to COVID during the holiday, the CDC advises to stay at home for at least two weeks, remain isolated from others to avoid spreading it further, and consider getting tested as soon as possible. If unable to remain isolated, it is recommended to wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet away from others, wash one’s hands often, and check oneself and others for symptoms of COVID.

Suggestions for safer and less at-risk Thanksgiving events include having virtual dinners with family members, shopping online on Black Friday rather than going to the stores in person, and preparing dinners for family and neighbors to deliver in a safe and contactless way.

For more information on staying safe during the break and this pandemic, please visit the CDC’s page on holiday recommendations at