No tickets required for commencement this semester

Nathan Weaver

Students will not be required to bring tickets for themselves or their guests to attend the commencement ceremonies this year on any of Georgia Southern University’s three campuses.

At a Student Government Association senate meeting in Statesboro on Feb. 6 Armstrong Dean of Students Andrew Dies said that there would be no official limit on the number of guests student could bring.

“Could you bring as many people as you want? Absolutely, but rooms still have fire codes,” Dies said. “I would encourage you to get there early if you’re bringing a lot of people.”

Christopher Colson, GS’ university fire marshal, discussed the maximum occupant loads for Hanner Fieldhouse and Paulson Stadium, where commencement ceremonies on the Statesboro campus will be held this semester.

Hanner’s occupancy for commencement is capped at 3,568 total occupants, while Paulson’s seating area occupancy for commencement is capped at 20,000, Colson said. These limits can technically be flexible if all other requirements under fire code are met, but code does not give a set amount to increase.

“My office has been notified in reference to this semester’s graduation ceremonies,” Colson said. “The university and my office are in communication on how to safely manage theses events. Crowds will be monitored.”

The George-Anne also contacted the state fire marshal’s office about the maximum occupancy load of of the Savannah Convention Center, where the individual ceremonies for the College of Education, the Waters College of Health Professions and the Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health are scheduled to be held.

The convention center’s occupant load is capped at 23,333.

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Nathan Weaver, The George-Anne News Reporter,