Student Spotlight: Andy Cabistan, Entrepreneur of life

Andy Cabistan, a graduate student at Armstrong, was born in Athens, Georgia and moved with his parents to their home land of Costa Rica when he was one. He learned basic English in Costa Rica then moved back to the U.S. at 16 years old, and went to High School in Woodstock, Georgia.

Now, he has a strong interest in communications and is well on his way to being a successful entrepreneur and businessman.

When Andy first attended Armstrong he was a Computer Science major. He later changed his major to economics and found a love for communicating with people and bettering society.

Cabistan was involved in many student organizations like the Association for Computing and Machinery, Amnesty International, and the National Leadership Honor Society. In addition to that he was the President of SGA, a residential assistant, and a Navigate student leader.

Even after graduating, Andy has been working on quite a few things to keep himself busy.

Right now, he is working on a program called, Brother 2 Brother, a program targeted towards freshman Latino males at Armstrong in order for them to learn leadership skills and become more involved with student life and classes Cabistan said. The program is in its final stages of development and will start in the Fall.

Cabistan is also developing a local courier service called Turbee. He is working closely with Savannah organizations like The Creative Coast to jump-start his business.

One of The Creative Coast events that Andy has participated in was 1 Million Cups, a Kauffman Foundation event. This event allows entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to local business leaders, project managers, and people who want to help give criticism about entrepreneurs’ projects.


Cabistan is very ambitious, he and his business partner will be presenting ‘Turbee’ at the TYEU Entrepreneurship Competition final on April 18. The duo will be competing against other schools from Georgia, such as Georgia Tech and Georgia State University.

“I want to be an entrepreneur of life,” Cabistan said.

Andy has been driven by his own motto and something he personally lives by on a daily basis, “When you have resources, use them wisely. When you don’t have them, look for them. When you can’t find them, create your own,” Cabistan said. These are the words that he hopes everyone will live by.


He believes the upcoming generation entering the workforce can make huge changes in the world.  The men and women of that age group can’t just sit around, they too need to be ambitious, “go out and vote and get involved,” Cabistan said.