New student organization aims to help dogs through Instagram posts and donations to Humane Society

Savannah Johnson

At first glance Dogs of Georgia Southern is an Instagram page devoted to brightening your newsfeed with adorable pictures of their canine friends, however, beyond that their mission serves an even bigger purpose.

According to their website, the student launched organization aims to help the Humane Society boost dog adoptions and make Statesboro a better place for pets. The students behind this organization are “intentionally keeping [their] names out of this so that the focus remains on the dogs,” Ben Youngstrom, Dogs of GSU representative said in an email.

The admins of the Dogs of GSU Instagram, @dogs_of_gsu, keep their page updated with new furry friends daily through picture submissions from students via direct message which then get added to a list of pups to be featured.

“The list is actually getting quite long and we’re very excited about that,” Youngstrom said.

Students wishing to get involved with this organization are encouraged to interact with the Instagram page with comments and likes as well as using social media to encourage other friends to follow the page.

You can also donate to the Humane Society and engage in community events. The group is hoping to host a dog adoption event on campus as well as some off-campus events to meet with followers of the page.

Official Dogs of GSU merchandise is coming soon. Half of the revenue from sales will be donated to the Statesboro-Bulloch County Humane Society.

Savannah Johnson, The George-Anne Candidate,