Inkwell purchases new newsstands, grabs student attention

Learning Commons

Have you seen them on campus? Did you open the door of one to grab this issue? Do we get your attention yet?

If you haven’t noticed the new newsstands on campus, you are missing out. The Inkwell recently installed four bright and shiny newsstands in various locations throughout Armstrong’s campus.

AdCamp, an advertising agency that helps university newspapers gain revenue, provided the newsstands. They were absolutely no cost to Armstrong or The Inkwell. We don’t even have to maintain them!

The Inkwell obtained these new newsstands in hopes of producing a presence on the Armstrong campus.

Armstrong has a 7,000-student body and prints 1,000 issues of the newspaper every week. There are roughly 300 or 400 issues of the newspaper left over each week.

Even though Armstrong is considered a large university, there is not a large amount of participation.  When attending events on campus, attendance is low. When prompted to submit surveys and evaluations, results are low. When presented with an outlet for student voice and opinion, involvement is low.

We are in hopes that the new shiny and clean newsstands will catch the eye of Armstrong students and intrigue them to learn about the great opportunities The Inkwell has to offer.

All Armstrong students may submit articles, photos, illustrations, comics, advertisements, opinions, and topic ideas. The Inkwell also encourages all students to attend writer’s meetings, which are brainstorming sessions for topic ideas. Anything printed in The Inkwell is a published piece, which looks great on any resume, and every article pays $10 Pirate Cash!

The Inkwell is here to serve the students of Armstrong and provide them with a source of credible news, as well as a platform for opinion and freedom of speech.

We hope these newsstands have made our presence known and I hope my words have shed light on the importance of being involved.