SGA extends a welcome

On behalf of the Student Government Association, I would like to welcome you to Armstrong and, for our returning students, welcome back.  I hope your semester is going well so far. My name is Matthias A. Downs and it is a privilege to serve as your 2015-2016 Student Government Association President. With my team Henry Laxson (SGA Vice President), Bailey Middlemas (SGA Treasurer), Hunter Hart  (SGA Secretary), Ashleigh Williams (CUB Director), Kourtnei Zellner (Asst. CUB Director), Alwyn Neal (CUB Comptroller), and Kyandria Armani Zellner (CUB Clerk), we have been working very hard to ensure you all have a wonderful academic year.

We compiled a list of goals and objectives  that stem from our mission statement being “The Student Government Association is dedicated to serving the student body by encouraging and advocating for engagement, providing opportunities for personal growth, and promoting campus well-being”, and our three strong pillars of Service, Wellness and Engagement. A full list of our goals and objectives for the year can be found below.

To be in the know of events happening on campus I strongly encourage you to download the SGA app. Just type in “Armstrong SGA”, press download, then in a matter of seconds you will be connected to events happening on campus.

Remember we are here to serve you. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, ideas, etc. reach out to us by looking by “contacts” on the SGA app. You can also stop by the SGA office located in the Student Union on the second floor to meet us in person. With that being said, we look forward to serving you and hope you have any outstanding year.

SGA 2015-2016 Goals

  • To develop a more unified campus, we will do the following:
      • Increase transparency of the Armstrong State University Administration and Student Government Association
      • Conduct monthly Organization President Council meetings
      • Strengthen Student Government Association relations with the Liberty Center
      • Increase student attendance at athletic events
      • Revamp and establish new events to target a wider audience
  • To improve and maintain campus initiatives, we will do the following:
      • Conduct bi-weekly Recognized Student Organization Budget hearings
      • Provide transparency of student fee usage
      • Collaborate with departments and organizations on campus to conduct more informational
      • Promote the SGA app to incoming students on both campuses
  • To provide our students with more opportunities on and off campus, we will do the following:
      • Provide more campus community service opportunities
      • Increase student participation in off-campus service and engagement projects
      • Collaborate with RSO’s and Departments to increase student participation in traditional university service projects.  
  • To give our students an unforgettable experience at Armstrong, we will do the following:
    • Increase attendance at frequent events
    • Improve marketing strategies to ensure effective event promotion
    • Increase attendance and participation at traditional events
    • Improve event scheduling to ensure maximum participation

SGA 2015-2016 Objectives

  1. Strategic planning of homecoming
  2. Revamp student organization code
  3. Kids Kollege (campus daycare)
  4. Early release of syllabi
  5. Establish a new campus tradition
  6. Greek Visibility
  7. Establish housing governing body
  8. Advocating for the Game Room
  9. Student Activity Hours
  10. Toys for Tots
  11. Student Union Beautification
  12. Liberty Student Council