Preview: Baseball to take on Mercer at home

Bethany-Grace Bowers

The Georgia Southern Eagles are set to compete against the Mercer University Bears in a baseball match-up in J.I. Clements on Wednesday.

The GS Eagles are coming off of a series with No. 9 Georgia and they avoided being sweeped by the Bulldogs by taking a win in the third game, which was a victory in itself against a ranked opponent.

The Eagles are currently sitting at a 4-6 overall record for the season and with so much time to improve, they hope to get another win added to those numbers on Wednesday.

The Bears are looking at a three game losing streak ask they travel to play the Eagles and that’s an advantage that GS needs to take advantage of.

GS has done well this season when it comes to getting runners on base and as long as they bring home those runs to make them add points to the scoreboard, they will do well on Wednesday.

A player to watch this game will be redshirt junior, Tyler Martin. In his win against the Bulldogs he was able to hit a double in order to bring in two runs for the Eagles. His ability to find open spots in the outfield has already helped the Eagles score this season.

Although the Bear’s record sits at 8-4, GS is ready for this matchup to add games to their season, as well as another victory to their record.

The first pitch will be thrown at 6 p.m. in J.I Clements on Wednesday and the game will go live on ESPN+ for fans to view.

Bethany-Grace Bowers, The George-Anne Assistant Sports Editor,