Spring forward: New look, call for staff


op edspring forward group pic
The Inkwell editorial board. Top row (L2R): Caleb Bailey, Emily Smith, Llana Samuel. Bottom row: Elizabeth Rhaney, Kim Crabtree, Kylie Fields and Bradley Mullis.

Emily Smith, Editor in Chief

The spring semester is already off to a fresh start in more ways than one at The Inkwell. Not only do we have a dashing new look, but we also have a dashing (somewhat new) staff. Both Arts and News sections are dawning new editors and a new web editor is in our near future. But most importantly, lots of new people have been reaching out to be writers which is arguably the most important job.

Editors could not write quality sections on their own and without people to write, we have no content. Compensation isn’t too shabby considering writers get paid $10 pirate cash for every article published and photographers get paid $5 for every picture used. Additionally, our online readership has increased significantly, which means we’re gaining new readers as well.

However, we will be doing some spring cleaning at the end of the semester. Over half of the current newspaper staff will be graduating in May, which means their positions will be wide open. Now is the time to be getting involved by writing some articles. Keep in mind that editors are paid real money, not pirate cash, and the job looks fantastic on a resume. Not to mention you gain a lot of experience and it’s fun.

My goal is to have a diverse staff that doesn’t think the same.  Currently we have a wide variety of people working together to create a newspaper every week:

  • News editor, Llana Samuel and Layout editor, Kim Crabtree, are both members of Greek communities on campus.
  • The new Arts and Entertainment editor, Bradley Mullis, has written for Do Savannah and is in a band of his own.
  • Photo editor, Elizabeth Rhaney is heavily involved in the art department and Caleb Bailey is our sports fanatic who also writes for CampusSports.net.
  • Copy editor, Kylie Fields, keeps everyone’s grammar in check and also keeps up with academic news through her English Department job.

Nontraditional students, people involved in Greek life, and students of all majors have their hand in the Inkwell, but we still need more. Tons of interesting things are happening this semester including national debates, Student Government Association elections, Savannah Stopover, Savannah Music Festival and more. We need as many people as possible helping us represent everyone and cover as much material as we can. Don’t be a stranger to our office in the Memorial College Center, room 202.

We have writers meetings every Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. Feel free to email me at chief.inkwell@gmail.com if you cannot attend the meetings or have suggestions and ideas.