Opinion: How to celebrate Women’s History Month

Akaria Stewart

From the beginning of time, women have rocked this world and left their indelible mark on society. Beginning biblically with the First Lady of Humanity Eve to the Rapper Eve the First Lady of Ruff Ryders. Women’s History month is the opportunity to uplift and acknowledge all the phenomenal women both past, present, and future that have and will continue to make this world spin on its axis. If you think about it, how many women have impacted your everyday life? From your favorite aunt to the school nurse that never sent you back to class (she knew you were faking). Amazing women have enriched and made our lives so much better everyday.

You see, we are not only saluting the rich and famous or the ones we read about in our textbooks. No, this is about all women. According to the Women’s History Month website, the now month long celebration was originally “Women’s History Week” and began to be celebrated nationally in 1981. That year, Congress also requested the President to officially proclaim Women’s History Week  beginning on March 7, 1982. For five years, congress continued to add resolutions and dedicate one week in March to Women’s History. In 1987, the The National Women’s History Project petitioned Congress and the week was changed to Women’s History Month. Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have issued a series of proclamations designating March as Women’s History Month. This month, we continue to honor this this proclamation and observe great women.

Here are some things I do to celebrate Women’s History Month:

Brush up on my Women’s History:

This is, of course, a very obvious one, but it’s something that could be done every month of the year. Each year, I like to find a phenomenal woman that I didn’t know about before and read up on her. This not only increases my general knowledge of history, but it also helps me fuel my momentum to want to know more about the women of the world and just how amazing we are.

Support women who own small businesses:

If you’re a small business owner, you know how hard it can be sometimes to sell your brand or try and get people genuinely interested in what it is you’re doing. What I do during Women’s History Month is I like to find women who are small business owners and promote or invest in their business. It could be as simple as giving them a shoutout on your social media or making a purchase. I’m sure whatever the contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Taking the time to thank special women in my life:

I’m sure there’s no shortage of amazing women around you. Whether it’s your mother, a professor, or your favorite grocery store clerk. Take the time to thank the women around you who you see or feel are working hard and being of service in some kind of way. A kind word and a smile could go a long way, or writing a few personalized thank-you notes and handing them out to women around the campus. This is a great practice of showing appreciation.

The premise of this article was based on the facts found at Women’s History Month website. For more information or to just brush up on your women’s history, feel free to visit the site.