“Living Wall” being brought back to life at GS

Jenna Wiley

The Center for Sustainability announced the revival of the Living Wall Project as part of the 2019 Sustainability Fee Grants.

The initial Living Wall project was a part of the 2015 grant recipients and was originally awarded $19,650 to create the wall in downtown Statesboro. GS students worked alongside university architects and contractors to build, design and to care for a vertical garden.

The garden was meant to help foster the excitement of innovation and provide a community-wide sense of sustainability.

The project to revive the wall was proposed by Kira Bowden, who is the After School Garden Program Community Liaison and Jordan Wilburn, Community Engagement Coordinator with the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement.

As the After School Community Liaison, Bowden is responsible for recruiting volunteers, teaching weekly lessons and ensuring communication between the CFS and the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement. Bowden is also in charge of reviving the Living Wall project.

Since the Living Wall Project has fallen without leadership in the past 2 years, Bowden and others are working to return the wall to its original state in downtown Statesboro.

Currently, they are working on “adding new raised beds to expand the planting space and replanting the Wall with new, local plants,” Bowden said.

The revival project is one of many by the After School Garden Program, a program in which volunteer teachers teach second graders the importance of living a sustainable life.

For more information, contact Bowden at kb09515@georgiasouthern.edu or gardens.communityliaison@gmail.com.

Jenna Wiley, The George-Anne News Candidate, ganewsed@georgiasouthern.edu