Dog Day provides stress relief for students

Lucy Stone, News Editor

doggyTherapy Dogs International recently graced Armstrong students with six dogs to provide comfort and relaxation to stressed students. Students began filling the Learning Commons before the dogs even arrived, eagerly waiting to see old and new canine faces.

“Dogs just make me happy. They relieve my stress. They’re so sweet and peaceful,” freshman nursing student, Courtney Sullivan, said as she waited for the dogs to show up.

Nine year old golden lab, Lucy, arrived first and settled in easily for her two hour shift. Providing endless opportunities for students to pet her was a trying task, so lying down and resting her head proved inevitable.

Next in the spotlight was Marlin, the four year old Alaskan malamute. Also known as “Lucy’s boyfriend,” Marlin had to sniff out his lover as well as his competition for pats. Marlin may have outweighed his competition at 130 lbs but is a sweetheart to all—his weekly trips to Memorial Hospital prove it.

Coco Chanel, a tiny pekingese, arrived in style in her stroller. Decked out in Easter-themed activewear, Coco sported a white visor with a sequined pineapple in the center, a sparkling black choker and a yellow and green dress with a rabbit patch. Students flocked to Coco as she arrived but Coco kept her cool, enjoying the attention.

Gabby the golden doodle, Georgy the borzoi and a mixed-breed, Brooks, also provided students with much needed stress relief during midterms.

“I wish Dog Day was every day, or at least once a week—animals are the only thing that de-stress me,” junior criminal justice major, Jani McDaniel, said.

“We should have Dog Days more often,” sophomore biology major Emily Nist agreed.

Therapy Dog Day, coordinated by the Lane Library and Learning Commons, occurs once a semester.