Georgia Southern pushes for better Lime scooter safety

Kyle Clark

Following last semester, Georgia Southern University faculty has been working toward improving safety around Lime scooters.

Incidents such as a car accident from last semester helped spark greater concern about Lime scooters on campus.

At the Faculty Senate meeting on Nov. 27 following the incident it was stated that Vice President of University Advancement Trip Addison met with Lime to discuss and develop better safety measures.

“They built a kind of public safety mechanism,” Dustin Anderson, faculty senate president, said in regards to Addison and Lime’s meeting, “when students are using their campus address they get a public safety announcement.”

Jennifer Wise, director of communications at GS, said along with these public safety announcements Lime has started sending safety videos and tips via email to student users.

Along with these internal safety measures, the Georgia Southern Police Department will enforce any applicable laws when applied to vehicle safety with students riding the scooters.

“We’ve recently conducted safety presentations on campus and also participated in Boro Browse where we demonstrated proper safety and riding practices,” Megan Huggins, Lime Statesboro operations manager said.

Huggins said Lime also has ideas moving forward on how to improve safety on campus.

“We will be distributing scooter hang tags throughout the semester in frequent pickup locations to encourage riders to wear a helmet and to follow safe riding guidelines,” Huggins said.

Wise said there has been only one accident relating to a Lime scooter reported on campus this semester.

“The safety of all of our students, whether as pedestrians, in vehicles, on bikes or scooters, is the university’s highest priority,” Wise said.

Kyle Clark, The George-Anne Assistant News Editor,