Opinion: Five Ways to be Nicer to Earth

Elizabeth Gross

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We all know by now that global warming is real, right? Right! So if you want to help Florida not sink underwater, check out these five tips to be part of the solution.

#1: Reduce meat/dairy consumption

Okay look, just hear me out. I’m not saying you have to go vegan or vegetarian (although that is a very good way to help the environment) but it has been proven that even so much as reducing when you can is very helpful and can save gallons upon gallons of water, miles upon miles of land and clouds upon clouds of methane from being released into the atmosphere. There is no other way around addressing this major concern, as animal agriculture is THE LEADING cause of global warming by a long shot. Reducing consumption of these products is the most effective way to fight global warming.

#2: Educate yourself about global warming

It’s important to understand why it’s happening and how to stop it in order to be the best possible advocate for our environment. With proper education about global warming, you will be able to recognize harmful habits that impact our environment and be able to make proper changes in your life that correspond to your newfound knowledge. You may also find yourself more motivated and impassioned about the issue, leading to stronger dedication and willingness to share knowledge with others. There are lots of research and documentaries available, and I recommend Cowspiracy, which is on Netflix. I like it because not only is it informative and entertaining, but there is also some drama in it (other than just the drama of the apocalypse due to environmental harm).

#3: Speak up

We all have to work together on this issue in order for our efforts to work. When you hear others spreading misinformation about global warming, correct them. Recommend documentaries to friends and family. It’s important to talk about global warming, as it’s an issue that impacts all of us, the animals and posterity. Don’t be too aggressive about it, as that is not an effective persuasive approach, and if people try to argue with you about it, it’s probably best to save your time and sanity and move on.

#4: Support political candidates who care about global warming

We currently have a president who doesn’t believe that global warming is caused by humans, despite the ridiculous amounts of evidence that state otherwise. This is very bad. It’s important that we strive to elect candidates who will make global warming a priority. Who cares about building a wall when we have excessive hurricanes, tornadoes and arctic winds? Yes, I include arctic winds because research shows that arctic winds may actually be a symptom of global warming, as the Earth is trying to stabilize its temperature. But notice that when America got a serious barrage of arctic winds, our president had this to say about it:

#5: Do the little things you always hear you are supposed to do

You probably thought this list was going to be about these little things, right? You know, take shorter showers. Carpool. Bike to school. Get reusable bags. You know all the little things, as these are the aspects of change that people like to focus on, because they are easier than doing the previous things on this list. The truth is, reducing your meat/dairy intake FAR outweighs any other change that you can make, and doing these little things is just a drop in the bucket by comparison, but you should still try to do them when you can. Every little bit helps. So yeah, turn off your faucet while you brush your teeth or whatever. Easy stuff.

Thanks for checking out my five tips for being nicer to our planet. I hope it has inspired you to do some research of your own, as well as implement these tips in your daily life.