How to Cope With Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Noelle Walker Reflector

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day where pictures of fancy dinners, roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are posted on all social media platforms. The day where couples celebrate their love, and new relationships start to blossom. However, most of us single people want to avoid the literal love in the air. To help prepare for the impending holiday, here are nine ways to help cope with being single on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Have a Social Media Cleanse
    This is probably the most obvious, but it will definitely take the most effort. It’s just instinct for us avid social-media users to click Snapchat when we unlock our phones or scroll through Instagram when we’re bored. But, in order to not see everyone brag about their significant other, we must avoid social media at all cost. Thisisn’t a 24-hourdisappearanceeither.This is a 7 day, 168 hour social media cleanse. We have to give the posts time to dissipate lower into the feed.
    This cold-turkey cleanse may just break your addiction to social media. But it will come at a cost: your Snapstreaks.

  2. Lime-scooter to classes
    The only thing you’re worried about while Lime-scootering is trying to avoid hitting someone so you won’t end up flying over the handlebars and end up with a trip to the Health Center.
    Side Note: Love will most definitely not be in the air at the health center.

  3. Have a Galentine’s Day

Who says Valentine’s Day is a holiday meant for couples?

  1. Be a Homebody
    Honestly, is there anything better than having a night in by yourself, snuggling in some blankets, and binge-watching Netflix?

  2. Hide out in the Henderson Library.
    The only club you should go to is Club Hendy. Your Valentine’s Day gift to yourself? Productivity.

  3. Or the Financial Aid Office.
    Honestly, is there anything scarier?

  4. Throw An Anti-Valentine’s Day Bash
    If being a homebody on a holiday is not in your nature, think about throwing an anti-Valentine’s Day party.
    Pro Tip: Make it a stoplight party where everyone has to wear red.

  5. Be Your Own Valentine

           Send flowers to yourself while you’re in class. Tell everyone they’re from a secret admirer.

  1. Prepare for February 15
    This is the day all of us single people have been waiting for. The day where we can treat ourselves at a reasonable price. The day of half-priced chocolate. The day that makes seeing everyone’s shoving their love in our faces worth it.

Disclaimer: In all seriousness, I do not hate Valentine’s Day. It’s a wonderful holiday. Without it, we wouldn’t have half-price chocolate day.

Noelle Walker, The George-Anne Reflector Managing Editor,