Full Score of Fear with Haunted Trail


By Jolie Nguyen, Staff Writer

It was Halloween week and there were a lot of activities for students to enjoy.

The Haunted Trail operated like a haunted house and allowed students to tour it from 7 p.m.-8:30 p.m. on Oct. 30 on the Armstrong campus, right across from the tennis field.

The event was held by University Housing to give students an opportunity to enjoy Halloween. The haunted trail gave students the opportunity to celebrate Halloween in a safe manner.

In the trail, students went together in groups of four onto the Haunted Trail where a lot of jump scare moments would happen.

Students had to go through a dark path. Along the path, there were actors who dressed themselves as monsters and serial killers, willing to jump out and scare students anytime.

“The best part was me dragging them along on my backpack. The actors were really good. They were top notch.”, said Maddie Cusick, a freshman Biology major.

It is true that the pandemic has made everything become more difficult, but having a haunted trail, rather than a haunted house, fulfilled COVID-19 event requirements for student safety. The event was held but still followed social distancing and public health safety policies such as wearing masks.

At the end of the trail, students were provided candies to also have a “trick-or-treat” experience.

“It was really cool actually. This is my first Haunted Trail and it was a good time,” Cusick said.