Students’ Thoughts on Thanksgiving during a Pandemic

By Jolie Nguyen, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is coming closer and there are plans being prepared for. Some students are just going to enjoy their Thanksgiving at home. Some will go on a trip to somewhere or go to a relative’s house to visit. 

“So far, for my Thanksgiving, I am planning to go home and do what I do at home, just enjoy my time at home with my family,” said Gracy Armstrong, freshman and Respiratory Therapy major. 

For this Thanksgiving, students have a proclivity to stay home and spend time with their families, not only due to COVID-19 but also they want to enjoy their holiday with families. Staying home is a good way to practice social distancing but still enjoying the holiday. 

Due to the pandemic, some plans were sabotaged as well. Flights to other places are getting more difficult due to the health and safety.

“Me and my family usually fly to California to visit my grandmother’s house. However, for this year, we could not go because of the pandemic. Instead, we are just going to stay home and enjoy the holiday together,” said Deeksha Negi, freshman who is a Biology major. 

On the other hand, some plans for trips are still possible to accomplish, as long as the social distancing policies are still obeyed for the sake of health and safety.

“ Me and my family decided to get on Airbnb in Hilton Head and just to stay there for a week. We are not really planning to go out, just isolating indoors because we have not really all gathered together,” said Miyah Simmons, junior majoring in Nuclear Medicine. 

Thanksgiving is the time for students to spend time with their family, especially for students who are living on campus. This is the time for them to go back home and visit their families after several months being far away from home.