We asked, you responded: How was your first day back?


Celeste Chapman, Correspondent

Returning almost eleven months into the COVID-19 pandemic, with inauguration a week away and record-high COVID-19 infection rates, there is a lot on the minds of returning students other than just classes. The George-Anne reached out to the campus community to hear their thoughts about the first day back in the spring semester.

Some of their days have been described as business as usual.

“It’s gone well so far. It seems very similar to last semester,” said Emma Ballinger.

“It always starts out a little confusing,” said Chynah Jenkins. 

“Pretty smoothly with minimal interruptions,” Aaron Welch responded. 

When asked if anything was different this semester versus last semester, multiple students responded that they have more face-to-face classes. 

“I see more people on campus and I like it,” said Allison Dailey. 

“I have class every day not just once a week which is fantastic,” Rebecca Meredith said. 

“There is better organization of how lab classes work. This is a very welcome change,” said Ashton Boyle. 

“I notice that there are more people coming back to campus and that some classes are in-person, rather than going online,” Faith Contreras said. 

With a mandate of more in-person classes, some students indicated an increased concern of COVID-19 spread.

“I am definitely nervous that there is going to be a surge in COVID cases, especially because of the amount of people that have in person classes,” said Danielle Dawkins. 

“My only concern is that all our classes will go online in the middle of the semester. I would also like to point out that it could affect group activities and school events that have large social gatherings,” Faith Contreras responded. 

“I’m worried about people coming to class not knowing they’re sick or carrying anything. I still wish we would have held off of in-person classes,” Paul Yarborough responded. 

“The fact that we are still having face-to-face classes on this campus is dumbfounding. Our country is in a national crisis, and yet we still look past the true horrors of COVID19. I believe that this university is selfish and selfless. The university administration should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to occur,” Alexander Yarborough said. 

“Whenever I see a Georgia Southern announcement, they say wear a mask. However, they should include that it should be worn properly over the mouth and nose. A mask is useless if not worn correctly,” said Alexander Holleman.