On the Lighter Side: Cheers to the New Year

12 Months’ Worth of Resolutions

Kee'ara Smith , Marketing Coordinator

We asked and you spoke! Of course, this year’s plans for New Year’s Eve were much different from last year’s. People traded the parties for the comfort of home, watched the peach drop from their television screens, or even missed the clock hit 12:00. It’s safe to say that everyone was ready to rid themselves of 2020 and refresh themselves with 2021 but one thing that never changes is declaring new year’s resolutions!

Cheers to 12 months worth of resolutions!

Build a better budget- If last year hasn’t taught you anything, it was to budget and save! So use those refunds, Cares act, and stimulus for more than a new outfit. There are many free apps such as Mint, Mobills, and Dave that will plan a budget that works for you and turn your few hundreds into thousands.

Cook one new thing each week- We know how easy it can be to swipe that card at the local Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, or Galley, but let’s confuse our taste buds this year. Try to cook one meal or snack yourself each week. I can admit that cooking isn’t my strongest forte but offering yourself more variety in life is a sure way to bring in new foods to your new year.

Read more books- Reading? Yes, reading. There are a number of books, magazines, newspapers, etc. just waiting to be read by you! Just because it wasn’t assigned doesn’t mean you can’t read it! Check out cool novelties at the local library on campus right next to the Science center. There is no better way to stay in the new than to catch up on a good read.

Drink less alcohol- College and alcohol go together like peanut butter and jelly. Every now and then to de-stress you may want to pick up that cup of wine and relax. Let’s switch the flow this year and replace that alcohol with some water. Doing so will surely improve your mood, sleep, skin, and immune system. Plus, it’ll also help you save money!

Become a plant owner- There is no better way to start the new year than to bring in more life. Caring for a plant has proven to calm the autonomic nervous system and lower blood pressure. You can check out the local campus garden and help out or simply head to the local Home Depot or Lowe’s and buy yourself some seed from scratch. Go get your green thumb today!

Volunteer- Start the year off by actively partaking in longer-term personal commitment. You could go off campus to find volunteer opportunities that align with your values or you could join Serve912 on campus that helps local organizations such as the Humane Society and Ronald McDonald’s House of Volunteers. 

Sanitize your phone weekly- If last year taught us anything, it was to wash your hands every second. But what about your phone? It touches your face, ears, and hands daily. Rid yourself of those potential germs by wiping your phone with a quick wet wipe. I’d recommend Lysol wipes with 99.9% germ kill rate!

Give yourself a new look- Change up that ponytail that you’re afraid to let down, those baggy clothes you wear because you don’t feel comfortable, or simply that lipstick color you like that just seems too bright. Don’t hold back this year! Wear or try on something you’ve never done before. You are sure not to look back at your old wardrobe. Watch how bright you shine!

Take back your lunch break- Anyone who’s been overworked, or simply over-studied can understand how much missing lunch can affect your whole day. This year, we are taking back lunch breaks, whether it’s 10 minutes or 30 minutes. Take the time out of your day to eat that snack or light lunch. You deserve it.

Stay up on current events- Last year was a whirlwind of events. It can be hard to catch every detail of every event but to rid yourself of fake news on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, pick up a newspaper, download Twitter or follow media outlets that align with your taste.

Compliment yourself more- It is easy to fall into the trap of everyday life. Take the time out to say some positive affirmations and a “Thank You” to yourself for simply waking up. Positive self talk is a sure way to improve your day. Doing this will ensure you have a gratitude-filled year.

Get rid of Covid-19- This year, vow to do your part in getting rid of Covid-19. Take your vitamins, wear your mask at all times, wash your hands every second you can, get tested, and get the vaccine when able. Avoid public places unless it is a necessity. Follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) rules if you have small gatherings. Most of all, do your part.

Though the list can go on and on with resolutions, I believe the most important thing to do this year is to enjoy every little seemingly insignificant but important thing this world offers us, and enjoy life.