Letter from the Editor: A spring for revival

Blakeley Bartee

Dear Reflector readers,

If you’re a student at Georgia Southern University, welcome back! I hope Winter Break left you rested and restored for the spring semester. Personally, I could use another week or two to drink hot cocoa and stay indoors before venturing to the cold campus again.

I’ll cut to the chase. It’s the new year, and we feel inspired here at our office in the Williams Center. We want to expand our coverage and find new strengths in 2019. Our goal is to become your favorite outlet for fascinating reads and engaging content.

We’re working hard to make those goals a reality. This month, Miscellany editor Christina McKinley and I are reviving Miscellany, the online magazine for arts and literature by Georgia Southern students. The website was last updated in 2016, but we hope to bring in new submissions in fiction, poetry, essays, visual art and more this year.

At Reflector, our new managing editor, Noelle Walker, along with campus and culture editors Ashton Christianson and Julia Fechter, are setting the direction for this semester’s online and print stories. Reporters Brett Daniel, Akaria Stewart and Tony Ortega will contribute fresh new content we hope you’ll love.

Stay tuned, Georgia Southern.

Warm regards,

Blakeley Bartee