The PAC is back

The Performing Arts Center’s limited capacity arrangements


Davis Cobb, Correspondent

Though some facilities on campus remain inactive or are trying to rekindle activity, the Performing Arts Center continues to host events and shows–if under some limitations.

Since July, the PAC has been live streaming and hosting smaller events, keeping in line with the university-set social distancing regulations; masks must be worn at all times indoors, and guests have to sit six feet apart during events.

Attendance is restricted as well, with each event varying due to the context and the viability of maintaining regulations.

“It depends on the event and what they need, and of course what their activities are going to be.” Said Stacie McDaniel, Performing Arts Center Director. “If the audience is going to walk in, sit down, and not move, of course it’s easier to maintain social distancing. If we have an event where the audience is going to be mobile or moving from backstage to the house, we do have to make sure we’re not going to have any situations where people are gathering.”

Under social distancing guidelines, the PAC theatre can only house 119 individuals at once, filling out both the orchestra and the balconies. This includes performers, however, if the event requires them to move from the backstage to the house area.

As of now, there are no events open entirely to the public, nor are any planned. For information on reserving future events or for general information and questions about the PAC, please visit their website here.