Virtual Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Jenna Wiley, Editor-in-Chief

Usually, the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day is full of making restaurant reservations, thinking of the perfect gift and finding the perfect way to show your partner how much you love them. But since the holiday is being celebrated from home this year, I’ve taken it upon myself to help those in trouble out and share some fun and romantic virtual date ideas to still spend an amazing day with that special someone.


Watch a movie

Multiple streaming platforms have a new feature that allows two people to watch a movie or TV show at the same exact time. The Netflix-Party plug-in is free to any Netflix user to sync streaming. Hop on a FaceTime call and pop some popcorn and it will feel like they are really there!

Tour a Museum

Just because you can’t go to Paris this year doesn’t mean you can’t explore the Louvre- virtually of course. These 12 famous museums from around the world have a new feature that allows you to virtually walk through and enjoy the exhibits. Granted, you won’t get all those artsy photos but you get to see the Mona Lisa form your couch!

Take a Virtual Cooking Class

There are what seems like endless cooking videos on YouTube so there is bound to be something both you and your partner like. Choose a recipe, get all the ingredients and a bottle of wine and get to work! As always, have a frozen pizza in the freezer as a back up plan.

Game night!

Playing online board games is something that is both fun and lighthearted. This site offers a lot of game options that are easy ways to steer the conversation towards friendly competitiveness. There are also online escape rooms to see how well you do under pressure together!

Go wine tasting

No, you sadly won’t be cruising the Italian country side but this still is a great option! Lots of store offer small, one glass wine bottles that are perfect for this. Pair this with some ridiculously expensive cheese and it’ll almost be like you’re in Rome.

Give a tour of your life with Google Maps

Whether this is your first Valentine’s or your sixth, there is always something more to learn about your partner. You can take your date on a tour of your hometown, take them through your favorite hike or nature trail or show them the house you grew up in. This is a great way to talk a walk down memory lane together.

Treat it like a “real” date (because it is)

Dating pre-Corona seems like a lifetime ago, but spending time with your loved one is still something important.  Dress up in something that makes you feel confident, wash your hair, put on a little makeup, if that’s your thing. Do what you need to do to make yourself feel like, well, you.