Things I Learned after Adopting a pet during College


Jenna Wiley, Editor-in-Chief

If you’re like me, adopting a new pet was something that was high on my list as soon as I moved into my own apartment. Although, it would be a year of living in the same apartment before I decided to adopt a cat. There are lot of things I’ve learned since then, not to mention things I would do differently.

Where do you live?

Many colleges prohibit students from housing pets while they are living on campus. This may sound unfriendly to animals, but it is a way for the colleges to protect students who are allergic and to avoid situations where these pets are not getting proper care. Therefore, you would have to live off campus if you want to raise a pet in most cases. It is absolutely necessary to make sure your roommates agree on owning a pet; if your pet accidentally damages your roommates’ property it may also create conflict.

Check your financial records

The best part about having a pet is they’re always right by your side. If you get a bad grade on an exam, get into an argument with your friend, or just having one of those when nothing seems to be going right. In order to avoid putting yourself and your new pet in a bad situation, it’s always a good idea to over your financial records. Make sure you can afford to take care of a new pet and cover all of the expenses that comes with it.

It is a big commitment

Students have to make a long-term commitment to their pets. This commitment should not break after your graduation, because animals are not just a support system to help you get through your four years in college. Pets are living creatures, and they are not objects that you can throw away when you no longer want them. Animals should be treated as a family member once you adopt them.

Adopt, don’t shop

It has become a widely perceived knowledge that when embarking on the journey to get a new pet that it is always better to adopt from a local shelter or rescue than to buy from a breeder. There are thousands of animals you are waiting to find their forever home in shelters all across the country, that could be you!

Do your research

Your dream dog might be a husky puppy but if you live in a tiny studio apartment and a busy schedule, that might not be the best fit for you or your lifestyle. Dogs need daily exercise and require more attention than a cat would need. It’s important to do your research on what breed or type of animal best suits you before you take the big step.

Will you always be there?

Is travel, including study abroad, part of your college plan? One of the great things about going to college is the freedom it can afford students. Whether they’re going on weekend trips or year-long study abroad voyages, students who want to travel should consider how pets would figure into their plans.


Having a cat at school with me has entirely changed who I am, for the better. No matter what, they will always be there when I get home and are always excited to see me. I say, if you have the means to adopt a pet during college do it.