Renovating the records- Georgia Southern museum’s plans for reopening

Renovating the records- Georgia Southern museums plans for reopening

Davis Cobb, Correspondent

Though it’s still closed for the moment, the Georgia Southern Museum is making preparations to open its doors once again this spring. As part of these preparations, the museum is in the process of hiring a new staff, including a new Curator of Education.


Initially closed in 2018 due to the plaster ceilings caving in, the museum was slated for a reopening in 2019, but met difficulties due to their shorthanded staff, pushing the planned date back to 2020. 


With the sudden outbreak of COVID, however, this date proved to be impossible to reach as well; as of now, according to Museum Director Brent Tharp, the museum is planned to reopen on limited hours in the spring, with full hours returning in the summer.


The reopening, however, will come with some new updates; during the architectural renovations, all of the exhibits had to be removed. Doing so, however, gave the museum staff the chance to update and renovate the exhibits as well. When the museum reopens, it will host a selection of new exhibits alongside its old ones, including new galleries on the natural and cultural history of the coastal plain.

The Georgia Southern Museum remains closed for the foreseeable future, but plans are underway to ensure it is open this spring. For more information or questions, please contact the museum at 912-478-5444 or visit their website here.