Statesboro’s State of the City Address


Fernanda Camacho Hauser, Correspondent

This last Tuesday the Statesboro City Hall hosted the State of the City Address in addition to the weekly city council meeting.

In the address Mayor Jonathan McCollar spoke of a continued effort to reinforce and beautify the infrastructure of Statesboro. 

These efforts include the eventual addition of a public transportation system, the ongoing construction of the Tormenta stadium and the Publix, and the updates to the housing and nuisance codes.

In regards to the ongoing pandemic mayor McCollar thanked individuals, community organizations, and businesses for assisting through efforts such as Feed the Boro, Squashing the Spread and Love Ur City to help bring the community together during these difficult times.

These efforts include helping provide meals, facemasks, and helping families and small local businesses in need.

Due to the large presence of Georgia Southern in the community we came up on more than one occasion with links to a few different things around town. In regards to our role in the ongoing pandemic McCollar said this, “I want to give a tremendous round of applause and support for Georgia Southern University, an institution that has 27,000 within our community. This institution had the courage to require masks within their classrooms and within their buildings and it is no doubt that this effort helped slow the spread of the virus within our community and help save lives.”

McCollar ended the State of the City Address with this message, “It goes without saying that last year was a very tough year. And in the midst of that we managed to continue to move our city forward but if there is any lesson that we can take away from 2020, the lesson should be that we are stronger together. Statesboro, Georgia and the United States, the lesson we must embrace is that we are all children of God and we are all Americans. It does not matter hue of your skin, who you love, or what God you choose to believe in. What matters is that we must work together to move our city and our community forward. Let us remove ourselves from the pettiness of politics and make sure we do the things to make sure our neighbors can end this very difficult chapter with us.”