Dance the Winter Blues Away


Olivia Craft, Managing Editor

I do not know about everyone else, but music and sunshine seem to bring me the most joy. Being that we have had some dreary days, lately, I created a playlist full of music to keep your vibes up on the cold, dark days. 


City Blues – The Walters 

Best lyric: “And this is all I need to get me through the city blues.”


Hollow Life – Coast Modern

Best lyric: “Racing towards a dream on the horizon, gimme something better than this Hollow life.”


Real Love Baby – Father John Misty

Best lyric: “I’m alive, I belong to the stars and sky.”


My Body – Young the Giant 

Best lyric: “My body tells me no, but I won’t quit cause I want more.”


Under My Skin – Briston Maroney 

Best lyric: “It seems that I’ve found that all the answers were all so clear.”


Atlanta Girls – Trash Panda

Best lyric: “Time is of the essence, baby.”


Juice – Camp Howard 

Best lyric: “I don’t know how I could ever see past the break of this wave.”


Fading Away – Summer Salt

Best lyric: “All of my life I have been dreaming, so boy, I get it.” 


Sunnnn – Goth Babe

Best lyric: “I’ve gotta find a new way, I need to wake up and learn things today.”


Lucy – Still Woozy

Best lyric: “Let me see what’s on you mind.”